Natural Home Remedies For Foot Tendonitis You Must Know


Inflamed tendons on the hands, elbows, knees and feet are mainly manifested by unpleasant pain, stiffness and sensitivity to touch in the area around the joints. Today tendinitis is treated quite successfully with the help of the natural herbs.

Natural Home Remedies For Foot Tendonitis You Must Know


Tendons are bands of fibrous tissue, extremely strong and elastic which are connecting the muscle to the bone. To make a move, firstly, there are muscle contractions which acts through the tendon on the bone, and then comes to the stretching of the tendon fibers. Although they are composed of elastin and collagen that provide their mechanical durability, physical exertion, and high load can lead to inflammation of the tendons.
Tendinitis can occur in any part of the body where the tendon connects the muscle to the bone, but most commonly occurs at the shoulders, then on the foot, the inner and outer side of the elbow (tennis elbow).
The inflammatory process is divided into three phases:
– Acute inflammation
– Subacute and
– Chronic inflammation.
The symptom of acute inflammation is strong pain which increases during movement, and swelling occurs and can take up to several days.
After that occurs subacute phase when the body is trying to regenerate the damaged tendon creating collagen fibers.
If that fails, the inflamed tendon becomes chronic and manifests itself with a weaker pain. However, because there are not enough blood in the damaged tissue, in the joints is deposited calcium and calcium calcifications are created


Frequent consummation of salads and delicious tropical fruits and regularly adding the gold spice – turmeric in your favorite dishes will speed up the recovery of damaged tissue and reduce the discomfort that is caused by the inflamed tendons in the shoulder, elbow, feet, and hands.

Here are some great tips and recipes:

Place in cold water a few drops of oil of cloves, camphor, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender. Soak a cotton cloth, drain well and wrap the affected area. Leave it until the coating becomes cold. Then make a mixture of 10 drops of essential oil of mint and almond oil, and wipe the inflamed area.
Besides athletes, inflamed tendons can have the recreation participants also, who exercise occasionally or intensively. At risk are included people who daily do the same, repetitive movements (workers working on the machine, a computer or moving less).

Here are some excellent recommendations for them:

Pineapple has very beneficial effects because it is rich in bromelain that acts anti-inflammation, reduces swelling and pain and contributes to better mobility of the joints. Eat it fresh.

British and German researchers have found that curcumin can reduce and prevent inflammation and degenerative processes in the cells of the tendons. Feel free to add this amazing spice in your meals.

Garlic inhibits the activity of enzymes responsible for inflammation of tendons and increases the function of macrophages – cells of the immune system that removes damaged tissue.


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